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 The Transformation Game

“The Transformation Game is a joyful way of understanding and transforming the way you play your life. It's about looking at your life and the kinds of experiences you create, seeing how you react to them and how you can use these insights for your own growth. Through the Game you can become more aware of your personal strengths and learn important lessons that can deepen your understanding of how you operate on the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual levels. By providing new perspectives on current life issues, the game helps you clarify old beliefs and attitudes and transforms reaction patterns. “    (Joy Drake, Kathy Tyler – Findhorn Foundation)

Through Playing the Transformation Game you can become more aware of both your personal strengths and of the limitations you place on yourself. It is a powerful interactive tool, offering a stimulating, supportive and informative group setting in which openness, cooperation and sharing are encouraged. It mirrors your life with accuracy, offering clear feedback, and precise insights which can help you:

I am a trained Facilitator for the Transformation Game at the Findhorn foundation. More information on the Transformation Game can be found at (Innerlinks)

Meditation practice is used in both the Transformation Game and other workshops or classes. I have given classes in meditation for over thirty five years and have practiced in the methods of the Qabalah, Vajrayana Buddhism, Tonglen and some Shamanic traditions.

As we move towards integrating our personal journeys into Soul Awareness we are asked to use our will to align our daily intentions to Universal Consciousness and yet to openly surrender to the vitality of every unique moment.

The creative workshops I take use the Tree of Life and the Transformation Game to clarify intentions, and sensory awareness development in nature to create a living present. We will work in small groups of no more than six. Together we will create a Chalice of Beauty and Truth, and place our life’s experiences into it, affirm new horizons through meditation and open ourselves to the living present in nature.

- through Mystical Traditions, the Transformation Game and Creativity

The Tree of Life is an ancient sacred symbol in many cultures, and to those who study the western mystical tradition it is a living breathing map of consciousness in all its manifestations. To gain insight into its beauty and truth requires study and practice through meditation and visualisation, and for students and followers, this can be a valuable daily discipline.

It is often seen as a diagnostic map on which can be placed all the spiritual challenges we face as we grow in Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge. Meditations on it can illuminate what is happening in our day to day lives and give us the qualities needed to embrace all experiences as part of our spiritual growth. For this reason it is a truly healing tool.

Soul Alignment workshops and Transformation Game days take place at:

The Meditation Centre, Dent Cumbria, LA10 5QR (more information here)

Nant Argoed, Clun, Shropshire.  SY7 8NW

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Creativity in Nature

Please view Wild Intelligence page

My experience as a teacher/facilitator includes:

These are new workshops for all who want to engage with deeper spiritual development in small groups. They are for all who are interested without any previous experience of meditation, inner work or any spiritual traditions. If you are interested a one day workshop is a good introduction.