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I work in different media according to the particular approach needed or theme that is developing.

Many of my paintings are in dry media - chalk, pastel, or compressed charcoal. The powders and granular quality of sands placed onto board give a physical quality to ground the ideas with, and a receptive surface for layers of colour to be applied.

I have recently been using layers of acrylic and oil paint over sands on canvas using washes, spraying or painting in acrylic and oil paint.

“An exploration of inner worlds through mindful contemplation and incidental landscapes through sensory immersion.”

Mindful contemplation offers us a portal to our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual states and through them to other worlds, other states of consciousness, including the most expanded states of consciousness and illumination. Practices for exploring these maps exist in most spiritual traditions, and by repeated daily practice we can gain a familiarity with them. This helps us to create our own lives by accessing the potential that is available at any particular time.

Sensory immersion is a way of mapping the physical level of consciousness, a practice for connecting to the map of our experience of the physical world. Through recording our sensory experiences without attempting to align them to a mental map we can go deeper in our explorations. Whenever we become engaged in the varied beauty of nature and draw closer to what we are experiencing we have the opportunity to go beyond our beliefs, assumptions and preconceptions. It can give rise to a living communication with the natural world. Again there are spiritual practices to help us to do this.

Both these approaches require us to park the desire to make sense of everything and to use our active and creative imagination. “Making sense” is an obsession of our vehicle (or ego) to control and make life safe, which can become a full time commitment.  We have the need and the right to not have to make sense of anything!

The paintings in this exhibition are not intended to be “stylistically coherent” around an identity of me as the artist. They are journeys of exploration using techniques and methods which are quite disparate.  My creative work in ceramics, land art, sculpture and painting have all been responses to the needs and opportunities in the different situations which gave rise to them.