Transformation Game  and meditation Current exhibitions

We have moved from Gerrards Cross to the Shropshire Hills. Our home is now a cottage with an acre of gardens and studio. There are different types of fruit trees and a productive garden with wildlife all around. It is early days but we look forward to seeing many of you here when we open the studio on ‘Arts Weeks’. We will be continuing the workshops here too, and I will update you on these.

Recently there has been interest in my earlier ceramics made during the 1980’s and 1990’s. This includes pieces finding their way to a number of auction houses in the UK, USA and Germany.

Between 1979 and 1990 my work sold to many top galleries in the UK, but afterwards was collected in California (1987-1990)and then in Europe, Japan and many other parts of the world (1990 -2002). I hadn’t enough work to keep an exhibition presence going here and was therefore not so well known in the UK.

It was sad to leave the pottery classes at Brunel Uni where I have been teaching 60 students a week to make pots and sculpture and other clay work. I will be running other classes here when the studio is renovated

My wife Pippa and I run small group workshops in meditation and self-development. This includes working with the Transformation Game, developed at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland. The numbers for this are growing so if you would like to take part please contact me.

Look on P-interest for collections of my work, or my own Facebook page.