Cornwall based artist Jon Middlemiss is known for his precisely constructed ceramic vessels and sectional sculpture which have won him international awards and acclaim. The "temple" piece is unlike previous works and uses a variety of media to express a personal journey in a series of spaces.

"I have always worked with themes of transformation, journeys and pathways. Often these are distilled into vessel forms exploring the ideas in formal and abstract geometric symbolism, but "temple" has developed as a series of spaces each with an energy and form that reflects my personal response to an unfolding intuitive journey".

The installed exhibition "temple" is a series of created spaces reflecting aspects of a ritual healing journey from emotional disconnection to re-integration. From exhibition to place of reflection the linear structure of the installation offers participation in a changing process of observation and contemplation.

The five sequential spaces lead through :


Floor plan- sequential spaces of "temple" from bottom to top

(Article by Michelle Brown, curator of Illuminated Manuscripts at the British Library.)

Jon Middlemiss received two major project awards from South West Arts, and has had support from Falmouth College of Arts, City of Bath College and collectors of the Renwick Alliance (Smithsonian Institute) the Crafts Alliance Missouri, and other collectors.

For details of the installation shown at the Hotbath Gallery, Bath 1999, and for more information on "temple" please contact:

Jonathan Middlemiss, 12 Gaviots Close, Gerrards Cross, Bucks SL9 7EL.
Tel 07814511506


The "temple" installation is supported by: