jonathan middlemiss

Ceramics - archive.


I studied Fine Art at Scarborough and Exeter Colleges of Art. My work was always based around drawing, which then led to studying various intaglio print-making techniques, some painting, photography and sculpture, and a few days in the ceramics department. 
After college I learnt everything I could about pottery making from very patient established potters, Daniel Rhodes and other authors, and began to sell table ware in shops and galleries around the West Country.
At the same time as establishing the pottery I studied the Tree of Life. Pottery and the Qabalah became foundation stones for my work in the years to come.




An exhibition at Exeter University in 1979 marked the turning point from table ware to individual ceramics, when pieces were made on the themes of the Tree of Life for the first time. 

( The technical and conceptual development of these pieces and all following works are available as part of lectures given to college/university programs or societies and groups. I mainly offer lectures and workshops as a part of developing projects.)




For many years the work that followed this exhibition came from similar sources. My making practices at the time developed into a cyclic structure that served the process which I used for over 15 years. Each session of 6-8 weeks had the following:

  • A period of drawing and visualization / contemplation.
  • The development of ideas for several different areas for making, into the following three areas:
    1)  established work
    2)  work starting to emerge 
    3)  completely experimental work.
  • A complete list of pieces to be made in groups or families.
  • An exact timetable
  • Necessary time allocated to allow pieces to grow out of the interaction between groups, themes, etc.
  • All work being recorded, and, once sold, the studio cleaned out completely in preparation for the next session.




The themes developed into groups including the following:




Images from nature with engraved surfaces  1980 - 1982




Individual lustred dishes 1981 - 1988



Opening cone vessels  1991 - 1997


"Vessel on Earth" pieces 1993 -1995


Sectional sculpture 1994 - current