– through Mystical Traditions, the Transformation Game and Creativity

I am an artist working in various media. At art school I never stayed in one department for very long and it was only after leaving college that I chose to work in clay.  My earliest ceramics were functional ware but I always wanted to make sculptural ceramics. For over twenty years I focused on this and made a living for my young family selling work around the world and making lecture trips to the USA and Germany. The work received international awards. Themes in my work in the 1990’s took me into land art, painting and workshops in education. The pastels have been exhibited in one man shows around the UK, including with the Pastel Society,London.

I have taught pottery and environmental sensory awareness in primary and secondary schools working with Creative Partnerships (Arts Council). In Cornwall I was an external lecturer and assessor at University College Falmouth (HE). Currently I teach around 60 students staff and members of the public at Brunel University Arts Centre (FE)